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Would you like a more successful education experience for your children?

Is your child struggling with social-emotional issues, study skills, or motivation?

Are you looking for better ways to support your children throughout their school career?

Then you have come to the right place.

I help students with organization, stress management, and goal setting so they can get back on track and feel more confident.


Raising happy, successful children seems to be a difficult task in the world today.  Children are more plugged in, parents are more stressed, and the world can be overwhelming.  This can impact our ability to thrive.

I work with students who are struggling in school or life and are ready to find solutions to their biggest roadblocks.  Maybe they have trouble focusing or feeling motivated.  Maybe stress is hard for them to manage.  I had many of the same issues as I went through school and have seen how these can negatively impact students in the classroom. After over 20 years of interacting with thousands of students and their families, it was obvious that the students who mastered these real-life skills could more easily find success and thrive. I decided to get out of the classroom to devote my time to helping students flourish in areas beyond academics.  Because without these areas in place, achievement can suffer.

Are you ready for your child to have their best year yet? 

Click below to book your free information call to plan the perfect solution for your family. 


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Individual Mentoring


Sometimes school and life can be overwhelming for teens. With individualized social-emotional support, students can more confidently achieve their academic goals.


Meet Kristen

I'm so excited you have started the journey towards finding more peace and ease in your child's educational path.  It's not easy, but there are simple tools and strategies that will make a huge positive impact on both you and your child's everyday life.  Sometimes it just takes a different perspective from an outside supporter, and that's why I'm here! You get back to connecting positively with your child and let me handle the stressful stuff.


"Wow. You are some kind of miracle worker or magician! My son gets in the car after session, more confident and happy than usual and says to me, "I never thought I would say this, but I really feel good about this process." He was so happy and confident. It's like he began to be a grown up. He's so excited to put his plan into place tonight! You, Kristen, are really special!"



What I learned during Ms. Tame's parent workshop had a profound effect on my parenting style.


I gained great insight from Ms. Tame on more ways to manage my child without getting emotional.


I am very grateful that Ms. Tame offered this workshop opportunity. It was VERY valuable for our family and to help us with the success of our son.



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