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Everything you need to support your older child as they navigate their school career.

All of my services are offered on Zoom or in person in the greater Orlando, Florida area

and are for students ages 11+ and their families.

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Success Coaching

Does your child struggle academically with organization, time management, and attention?

These are called executive functioning skills, and many students have trouble in school solely because they don't have a handle on these skills.


Study habits are the backbone of academic success, and through my classes or coaching, students gain real-life skills to quickly improve school performance. 

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Does your teen or tween need more social and emotional support to help them achieve?

Being a teen is difficult- sleep schedules are changing, hormones are emerging, and peer relationships become a priority.  These issues can cloud a student's ability to succeed in school.

I work with students to some up with solutions that help them navigate this transitional time in their lives.

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Family Coaching

Are you unsure how to best manage your teen's behavior?

As children get older, especially into the tween and teen years, discipline can get tricky. The same tools we used when they were young don't necessarily still work.

If this is a problem for your family, I am here to help. I'm a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and have successfully managed behavior in over 1,000 students.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is one-on-one personalized support for your teen who isn't feeling successful in school or in their personal life. They could be because of social-emotional issues or because they lack good study skills and work habits. Coaching is different than tutoring. Tutoring focuses on helping children with homework and improving their academic abilities. These services are often offered at schools. However, my coaching focuses on teaching students important life strategies to help with executive functioning, such as planning, time management, flexibility, and organization. These skills are rarely taught to students and can often be what is keeping them from finding the academic success they want to achieve.

My approach to coaching is positive and uplifting but also honest and authentic. 

Your child will have a listener and a guide as they set realistic goals and navigate making constructive changes.  We will focus on strengths, and they will come to understand who they are. When someone has a better understanding of themselves, they will feel more confident, and when they feel more confident, they can make choices that align more with their desired goals.  With better choices, success can be easily seen in all areas of life.

Throughout the process, I also coach parents and guide them as to the best way to support these positive changes for their children.  

Click the button below to set up a free phone consultation, and we can come up with a plan that is the best fit for your child.


New Student 



Only $425!

(Save $100)


  • 4 x 50-minute in-person student sessions

  • 1 x 75-minute in-person parent session

  • Strength and personality tests

  • Success Skill Assessment

  • Skill lessons based on assessment results

  • In-person or email parent follow-ups

All plans are flexible depending on the specific needs of the child and family.


Sliding scale prices available for single parent and lower income households.

Click below for the scholarship application.

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