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About Kristen


Success can be found easily with just a few small changes.

After over twenty years in education and fifteen years parenting my son, Grayson, I have found my passion- inspiring children to feel better about school and life.  My favorite part of teaching in the classroom was always connecting with the students through literature or through my time chatting with the girls at recess.  I love connecting to their humanity and seeing them for who they are.  It helped me be a better teacher in many ways, but also made it very obvious what was missing from our traditional education system- social-emotional education, mindfulness, and the teaching of executive functioning skills like time management, organization, and motivation. I also realized how impactful classroom and parental discipline tactics were to a child's success.  I spent years learning and honing my skills in classroom management and parenting a strong-willed boy to find a style that works with every type of child.  Using my training and experience in Positive Discipline, I have created a simplified version that I am so excited to share with as many parents who are willing to learn.  Just a few small changes to how we meet the needs of our children can have a tremendous effect on their well-being.​

I am so excited to work with you, because I know the feeling of ease and confidence that comes once your children are successful and thriving, and I want you to feel that too.

Contact me today so you can begin your journey to a more positive, satisfying life with and for your child!

Degrees and Certifications

BS Degree in Elementary Education from Florida State University

Gifted Certification from University of South Florida

Professional Life Coach Certification through University of Central Florida

Positive Discipline Parent Educator Certification



Over 20 years in education in Central Florida

9 years in A-rated schools

6 years as a gifted teacher

5 years in Title 1 schools

6 years life coaching and consulting


I decided to leave the classroom setting so I could focus on the things I love- connecting and inspiring positive change for children and their parents.

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