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Guidance for Schools

Schools are facing the modern challenge of balancing a student's academic needs with their social-emotional needs.  Gone are the days of expecting students to leave their feelings, home lives, and social issues at the door.  Children are more emotional than ever, and this is causing schools, teachers, and parents to struggle managing behavior.  
The key is building relationships and creating community by meeting the needs of children. My training will bring balance to your classrooms and with easy-to-use tips that simplify the strategies down to two basics- Boundaries and Belonging. When your students receive a balance of these two integral techniques, they are then able to open up, take more risks, and feel comfortable with the learning process, which then increases their academic success.

Parents are also doing their best to navigate the educational path for their children, but are seeking tools and strategies they know will bring true success. It is often hard for parents to let go and understand the benefit of productive struggle even though this can often be exactly what will help their child the most.  My workshops help parents understand the benefits of letting go so their child and teacher will see more success in the classroom.

I can provide
- simple, easy-to-use strategies to create class community.
- tips for building relationships through class meetings

- supportive workshops for parents.
- cohesion between school and home behavior strategies.

Services for Schools:
Teacher Training
Parent Workshops
Athenian Society
Quick Morning Meeting Tips


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