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Mentoring services are individual sessions or after-school clubs that focus on:

Emotional Regulation
School/Life Balance
Conflict Resolution
Stress Management


The tween and teen years can be a confusing time for both parents and the child themselves.  Especially gifted and high-achieving children who tend to be more sensitive with many of their own special needs.  There is confusion in the world today, and the responsibilities of being a young adult are much greater.  After working with students from various ages and backgrounds for over 20 years and exclusively with gifted students for the past 6 years, I understand the unique needs of today's children and can help them discover how to reach their highest potential.

I can help your child
- feel more balanced.
- better manage their social & emotional needs.
- discover beneficial work and study habits.
- zone-in on his or her strengths to help create a vision for the future.

Mentoring Services:
Individual Coaching Sessions
Family Coaching Sessions
After-School Girls' Clubs

Contact me below to schedule your free phone consultation so we can find the right plan for your child or family. 

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