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Success Skills services are individual or class sessions that focus on:

Time Management

Study skills and work habits are the backbone of academic success. But most of us have not been directly taught these skills and are lacking the ability to use them effectively.

With my help, students learn how to set and achieve their academic goals so they have the most successful school year yet.

I can help your child
- create achievable academic goals.
- learn organization and motivational tools to find success.
- discover beneficial work and study habits.
- zone-in on his or her strengths to help strengthen their confidence.

Success Skills Services:
Individual Coaching Sessions
Success Skills Courses
Virtual Study Group

See below for current offerings, or contact me 
to set up your free phone consultation for individual coaching.


Course List


Road Trip Logo.png

These online or in person after-school classes help a child set and achieve academic goals throughout the school year through fun, interactive, role-playing lessons that focus on executive functioning skills.

SSC 101 Goal Setting: First you will choose your academic destination and map out the path it will take to get there while learning about planning, time management, and flexibility.

Offered online or in person.


SSC 201 Organization: Next, discover what it takes to prepare, plan, and "pack" for your trip so you have what it takes to make the trip enjoyable and successful.

Offered online or in person.

SSC 301 Motivation: Lastly, learn how to build in some rewards and rest stops so you stay on the right path without distractions. You will learn perseverance, self-control, and how to overcome procrastination.

Offered online or in person.

ONLINE: A series of three, 1.5 hour courses offered several times throughout the semester.  This fall only $79!

IN PERSON: Three, 2-hour courses that are available as an after-school enrichment class on your child's OCPS campus or at a location that works for your group. This fall only $99 for the series!

Sign up below or contact me to bring this essential course to your child's school.


"I liked the way Ms. Tame related to us and helped me

make a real plan"

~ Xavier 

"I enjoyed the theme. The class helped me feel more confident I'll stay on track."

~ Katherine

"This class helped me realize how much more efficient I could be in my academic life" ~ Giovanni

More dates coming soon!

No upcoming events at the moment


Tune Ups Logo_edited.jpg

These weekly online study group sessions are an affordable, easy way to keep students focused, organized, and motivated throughout the year.  


Each session is only $24 this fall!


Available the 1st and 3rd Mondays and/or the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 7-8pm.

For students ages 11-14.


These short but impactful online classes include:

  • Peer support- small group of other students who will often have the best solutions!

  • Trained guidance- a trained teacher to go step by step through making a weekly plan that aligns with their individual goal.

  • Accountability- regular check-ins keep students moving forward while rewiring old patterns. Accountability is the key to making positive changes.


In each class, students will:

  • Review grades and missing assignments

  • Create a workable weekly checklist

  • Solve academic issues through guided group discussion

Take the homework stress off your shoulders!

Class sizes are small, so your child will receive both individual and group support.

To register, please email

Limited to 10 students, so sign up quickly!

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